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Interpretation by Anne Weiland

Where were you this morning? And I don’t mean physically. I mean, mentally? Psychologically? I was swimming in a pool of social media glop, filling my head with images and words and headlines, all of which served to make me sad and angry, yet by the end of my scrolling I’m not sure if I came away feeling informed or just bombarded. I’m not sure I can tell you what I read. Or give you any facts. No, I am not suffering from a diagnosed affliction of memory, but during this dark time I will admit that memory loss looks almost appealing. If only we could forget coronavirus, racism, destruction, militia groups, inequality, economic and environmental catastrophe. If only we could be placated by a cookie. When I’m plagued with anger or fear or sadness or all of the above I go for a run because I’m entirely useless when I’m plagued. It’s like a reboot. I have just exercised that physical reboot and while the weight of our brokenness keeps getting heavier I feel like I am better able (at least momentarily) to organize my thoughts and digest, bit by bit, the reality of the deep societal cracks that have led to this full-on break. So, now what? “The world breaks everyone And afterwards Many are strong at the broken places.” ~ Ernest Hemingway I guess it’s time to start getting strong? How and when that happens is a question each of us has to answer for ourselves. But if a cookie helps then, by God, go eat a cookie.

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