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Interesting Times

Interpretation by Lisa Schultz

Maybe there’s never been a boring time to live in this country, this world. But these days feel particularly volatile. The climate is collapsing along with our democracy (my opinion based on history and fact, thank you), but if we try to talk about it in mixed or even unmixed company the topic is usually changed in a swift and rapid manner. I will admit that, depending on the circumstances, I have been known to jump into the swift and rapid change camp because I wake up and go to bed panicked about the present and the future and yes, I want to talk about it, but no, I don’t want all of my social hours overtaken by conversations about incurable misogyny, plastics strangling the ocean, and mass extinction. I really do want to talk about radishes, and potato salad, and radishes in potato salad, and mustard vs no mustard (mustard is winning by the way) because that makes me feel normal. Like it’s all gonna be ok. And I need that even though I don’t necessarily believe it.

Have a nice day 😊

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