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The Apple of my Pie

Interpretation by Sandra Thielman

”American Pie” written by Michelle Meyer

AUTHOR NOTE: It’s week 8 and I have no idea how to download a video on to this blog. Therefore the photo that goes with this weeks poem is a mere still image in a video montage created by, as fate would have it, a Baker! Thank you Sandra Thielman. And…sorry Sandra Thielman for my technical failings. READERS: see the whole video on Instagram or on someone else’s Instagram @bookofshepoems.

Before 2020 began I had already decided, with trepidation, to let these poems go, to abandon the whole frustrating six month submission/rejection process because I wanted to create something wider reaching than a byline. I wanted to create, and belong to, a community. With each week that passes I feel the strength of this community building. And it’s bigger than I expected. It’s not just me and 52 women. It’s me and 52 women and everyone who chooses to engage—to read, and share, and comment, and most importantly, to feel.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on this particular poem, which always makes me happy, but it also makes me curious—What is it that touches you? It’s a rhetorical question, but I’m asking because I like to imagine you, reader, stopping for a moment in the afternoon or evening or maybe during some sleepless wee hour, to reflect on your answer. And because, just like the espresso now brewing on my stovetop, it allows me to believe in the future—even if it’s only three seconds, or three minutes away. ☕️

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