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The Book of She

Welcome to The Book of She

For over a year I’ve been writing poems about women. Each poem begins with the word “She” and, to set the record immediately straight, they are not about me. Ok, well, some are. But most aren’t. They are about you. Or someone you know. Or some small part of you, or someone you know. They are individual, metaphorical and most importantly—visual. As this collection began to take shape I did not see it thriving as a bundle of black and white words on a page. Each woman is a character with a rich and relatable history. Our history informs our psychology and these poems are my small attempt to dip a toe into the oceans of both. As I wrote I also wondered, how can I turn these words into worlds? I did not want to do it on my own. I wanted to collaborate. So I made a request. I invited 52 women to bring 52 poems to life in a visual landscape— to explore the personalities in this imaginary (or not so imaginary) world of “SHE”— for one year. 52 poems. 52 women. 52 weeks. Honestly, I was a little terrified to ask, but with the encouragement of a few good women, I typed up my request, took a deep breath, and hit the “send” button. The response was immediate and overwhelmingly enthusiastic. So here we are. Over the next 52 weeks, 52 women will explore and interpret the land of “SHE”. I will share one poem and the visual interpretation of that poem every week via this blog, Instagram and Facebook. The inaugural poem, “DIY” interpreted by Lu Lippold, makes it official. “SHE” has launched. Follow along. See yourself. See someone you know. Be kind to both. XOXO, Michelle

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