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Truth Out

Interpretation by Elana Dahlberg — see the full video on Instagram @bookofshepoems

Have you ever had an “Aha Moment”? When I hear that meme I always think of something positive. A great lesson. An epiphany. A spontaneous life insight. But great lessons, epiphanies, life insights —“Aha Moments” — can also be most unwelcome. So unwelcome that we try to ignore them. Hide from them. Even disprove or sabotage them because to acknowledge them might turn everything we know upside down. Still, the truth creeps in. It can be liberating like — “I have to quit my job! Or it can be painful, like — “I have to quit my job.” But once seen it can’t be unseen. Each of us has to decide what to do with it. And then live with the consequences.

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