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You’re Not the Boss of Me

Interpretation by B.J. Christofferson

Week 4 : Non-Believer

Can being deliberately non-committal be its own form of commitment? I have, at times, felt stifled by my commitments yet sometimes I find them to be a stabilizing force in my life. I know that I don’t like the feeling of being TotallyOutOfControl because I’ve been there (haven’t we all?) and while Hollywood loves to show us the happy endings where the heroine takes a dive and gets back up on her feet and shoots to the top, I learned, from my own experience, that Hollywood is Hooey. The slope is black ice slippery and some people do indeed fall.

I like to think that my experiences have helped me to develop a deeper sense of compassion, yet I also know that I’m constantly in a boxing match with my judgement tendencies. Go away Devil! I mean really, who am I to say what’s right for someone else’s life? Maybe being TotallyOutOfControl can be fun. Maybe it’s like being on a constant rollercoaster and feeling a constant rush.

Our sense of freedom is defined so differently by all of us. Ultimately, we’re all just trying to figure it out. Everyday.

Give me balance. And chocolate. And Coffee. Lots of coffee.


About the artwork: Interpreter,, B.J. Christofferson, chose Mary Magdalene as a central figure for this week’s poem because, as B.J. points out, “She’s gotten a bad rap. In earlier writings about the New Testament [Mary Magdalene] was often portrayed as a prostitute or a “loose” woman. But she changed & became a saint.”

Special thanks to B.J. for asking me to typographically incorporate the poem around the piece she has titled “Mary Magdalene in an Outdoor Setting.”

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